About Walter Santos

As a professional percussionist, Santos has played with the "Who's Who" in the world of modern jazz and rock music. Now he sings and plays for the only one "Who" that matters: Jesus Christ.

Born in New York City, Santos learned percussion in the deep ethnic neighborhoods of that city. He grew up during a time (in the late 1950s) when "Doo-Wop" became particularly popular. Santos got his first break in the music business by playing percussion at Carnegie Hall on the same bill as the legendary jazz group "The Jazz Crusaders." and George Benson. That introduction eventually opened doors for him to play with other renowned jazz musicians of the time, including Weather Report, Wayne Shorter, Charles Earland, Stanley Turrentine, and Les McCann and many others.

Later, his talents as a percussionist allowed him to play along with such famous bands as Charlie Daniels, Moby Grape, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Pure Prairie League. But he had a terrible secret that was destroying his life -- he was addicted to drugs, a habit that nearly had him sentenced to life imprisonment. Then finally Rock n Roll hall of fame Icon Dion Dimucci of Dion and The Belmont's fame showed him the way home to Jesus Christ, Now he tours the world constantly sharing the good news that has truly set him free. Why not bring him to your town so he can sing and share hope into everyones heart where you live? Just go to the contact link and let him know.